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Art Loop Registration


Art Loop Registration

The Art Loop at Grace Church is a partnership among the church’s arts ministry, Lumina Arts, and One Village Alliance, a non-profit that uplifts children and their families on a holistic journey toward excellence through education, entrepreneurship and the arts. Thank you for your interest in this event!

Please complete the form to be part of each month’s art loop

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Note: We do not participate in January, July, August or September Art Loop.
Please answer the following in a few short sentences: 1. What is your biggest inspiration as an artist? 2. In a few words, describe your artistic process. 3. What else would you like anyone who views your art to know about you and your work?
In an effort to celebrate the work of our community artists, we are excited to offer professional assistance in laying out, handling, and hanging your work in our lobby. Those artists who wish to be part of the month-long exhibition at Grace and remain in the church until the next month's art loop, should bring their work--ready to hang---on Monday by 3PM before the Friday loop. Works will be professionally handled and placed throughout our lobby with labels and pricing. Artwork must be picked up the Monday before the next month's art loop. Each piece you would like to submit for hanging should have an identification tag on the back with the following information: artist's name, title, year produced, price, and medium. Those *not* wishing to part of the formal exhibition but who would like to show your work during the evening of the art loop only, simply bring the work to the event, and request a table below if needed.
The Sunday following the art loop each month will feature a special fellowship time after worship at 10:25 where we will honor each artist whose work is featured that month. Please join us so we can thank you for sharing your talents with our church community.
Disclaimer: *
Grace United Methodist Church reserves the right to not exhibit artworks containing negative, inappropriate, or offensive connotations, in keeping with the sacred nature of our space. The church values and cultivates the free exchange of ideas, and condemns speech or action that threatens the physical, spiritual, or psychological safety of any member of our community."

If you have questions about any information detailed above, please feel free to email Merideth at