Deaf Ministry

Deaf Ministry


Deaf Ministry at Grace Church

We provide many services to Deaf people and those using American Sign Language through or ministry for the Deaf. Our regular offerings include:

  • Deaf Community Worship (with communion): 3rd Sunday of every month

  • Deaf Senior Citizen Group (which includes some younger people too): 3rd Friday during the day

  • Deaf movie night and discussion: 3rd Friday in the evening

  • Deaf Recovery: every Thurs at 6:30 (Please Carol Stevens 443-794-6499 before coming for the first time)

    These events are led and coordinated by Karen Miller, a deaf person and certified lay leader, and Carol Stevens, an interpreter and certified lay leader.

Through the Deaf Ministry we also:

  • Advocate for the establishing Deaf group homes in Delaware

  • Provide pastoral care visits to hospitals and nursing homes

  • Host a one week residential camp each summer for Deaf people of all ages

  • Host other fun events like health workshop (including a mammogram workshop) Thanksgiving and -Easter events with special guests like Megg Rose and Noah Buckholz

  • Volunteer at DSD for student mentoring and 5K fund raisers

  • Coordinate mission trips to Zimbabwe Kenya, Jamaica and Red Bird, Kentucky

  • Host a free tax workshop by AARP at both Grace and in Rehoboth Beach

Want to get involved? We'd love to hear from you. Text Karen Miller at 302-562-4621 or Carol Stevens at 443-794-6499 with any questions!